After all of your precious time and efforts have been poured into preparing your home to be market-ready, the last thing you want is to watch the days (or weeks) pass without any interest from buyers. As time passes and you are left with no offers, you may start to wonder what you could have done differently to increase showings and better yet receive some offers.

Your Price is Too Steep

Most likely, the top reason your home hasn’t sold is that the price just isn’t right. This may be a tough pill to swallow, because sellers can tend to be a bit subjective in this area, being emotionally attached to their home. Let’s go over some ways you can begin to reevaluate your price and go forward competitively!

Request Feedback

Requesting feedback from people at open houses and showings is key in the process of possibly re-pricing your home. It will do you no good to have traffic passing through your home and never hear a word in return that could benefit you moving forward. Many people could be disappointed with everything they saw compared to the price, and that’s important information!

Scope Out the Market

If not already, it is imperative that you are aware of the value of similar properties in your area that have recently sold. Some homeowners try to sell their homes themselves, which welcomes many hurdles along the way and a lot of room for error with pricing. If you are working with one of our Realtors, they can perform a detailed comparative market analysis to determine what your home’s current market value is. They will also make appropriate adjustments based on competitive differences. This is key in accurately and successfully pricing your home to sell in a timely fashion.

Upgrades & Staging

Buyers will always try to envision themselves in your home. After all, every home they look at could potentially be their next home. It is important to make the home appear as inviting and functional as possible. Lack of upgrades and outdated features can deter many buyers from pursuing your home any further. Staging the space can also work to your advantage because it makes the home appear functional and inviting to the buyer. 

Thoughtful Upgrading

If your home is lacking upgrades and attractive and desirable finishes compared to other similarly priced homes in your area, that could also be hurting you, and you know it’s time to reevaluate your price! It may feel daunting in the beginning, but you would be surprised what some simple upgrades can do to the look and feel of your home, and the eyes it will attract. 

Some changes you could make to your home could be easy as replacing doorknobs, cabinet/drawer pulls, faucets, ceiling fans, and light fixtures/sconces. Also, you can never go wrong with a fresh coat of neutral paint on the walls. Our Realtors can guide you through which changes and updates will most benefit your home. These changes alone can make a huge impact and completely transform your home, and allow you to price your home accordingly.

Staging To Sell

Staging your home may seem unnecessary to some people, but it comes with a huge payoff when trying to sell your home. Some key ways to stage your home would be to declutter rooms (putting items in storage if necessary), deep cleaning, rethinking room layouts to make rooms appear larger and more functional, sprucing up curb appeal, and most importantly removing personal items and family pictures. Remember it is imperative that the buyers picture themselves in your home, not you!

Pictures & Description

When selling your home, you want to ensure that you have quality photography and a description of your home! Many buyers make their decision to get a showing based on how great the pictures look and if the description really tells a story where they can envision themselves in the home! Here are some tips for both pictures and descriptions of your home.

Taking Quality Pictures

You’ve probably seen pictures before that a seller or an agent took of a home. The rooms appear dark, dingy, and cluttered, and you can’t imagine yourself living in that house! The pictures may have completely deterred you from even going for a showing. It is imperative that you declutter, open the blinds, turn on lights, and use great angles when taking pictures of your home. Pictures alone can attract buyers and it can make or break the traffic you get. Our Realtors are experienced with taking pictures that showcase your home in the best way possible.

Tell a Story

Sure, you could state the obvious, informing the buyers that this is a 3 bed, 2 bath home with a pool. This kind of story would fall flat and most likely just be skipped over. But the story/description is where you can woo the buyers with details and amenities that set your home apart from its contenders. Really spending some time on a detailed and descriptive story can reel in the reader and assist them in envisioning themselves in your home. Again, one of our Realtors can get the job done when it comes to giving your home the story it deserves!

Final Thoughts

It can be frustrating, to say the least, waiting around for the day your home sells. Being realistic and understanding why it isn’t selling is an important first step. Usually addressing and tweaking the price is the most common fix to get your home sold. Following a price adjustment, investing in upgrades, and making sure you have attractive pictures, and a detailed story are other key factors. Our Realtors at 316 Realty Group are experienced, knowledgeable, and ready to tackle the task of getting your home sold. Call us today and let’s get started!