Purchasing or selling your home can be daunting and overwhelming to take on yourself. Working with a local real estate agent when purchasing or selling a home in a certain location might pay off big time. An agent who is native to your area is more likely to create a smoother and faster transaction. Here we will go into more detail about some of the advantages of choosing a local real estate agent. 

Knowledge of the Area

A seasoned, local agent will know the area inside and out. They will be aware of the most sought-after neighborhoods, schools, and amenities close by (if you’re buying.) They will also be in tune with the average market price and any current trends in the specific area (if you’re selling.)  

A local and experienced realtor should know the market like the back of their hand, being aware of homes not yet listed on the market and having the inside scoop from networking and relationships with other realtors, which can be extremely valuable. A local real estate agent will always have a wealth of knowledge beneficial for their clients.


If you choose to work with a local real estate agent when selling your home, being able to physically meet up with them will greatly work in your favor. If you are selling your home, your realtor has the opportunity to help you stage your home and host open houses for you. Having a realtor in your local area makes the process of buying and selling much more feasible than communicating all through phone and email. 

You also have the benefit of your realtor’s presence during inspections, walk-throughs, and the closing process to assure no issues or confusion arise in the final stages. 

It is also very helpful to have the assistance of a local realtor during the legal process of selling or buying. Having guidance through the process and explaining terms, negotiations, inspections, closing costs, and any other paperwork is a must-have to ensure an efficient and smooth transaction.

Local Network

Local agents have the advantage of knowing all of the greatest contractors and important contacts that will help you with your home during or after the sales process. Whether it be local home inspectors, contractors, designers/stagers, lenders, title and escrow companies, and home warranty companies, our realtors with 316 Realty Group work with the local industry experts of the utmost quality. Local agents also know other agents in the area which can be very beneficial and to your advantage when you make an offer on their listing. 

Closing Thoughts

Buying or selling a home is most likely the most significant financial transaction you will ever make. The choice to work with a local real estate agent is one that you will never look back to regret. A local agent has valuable knowledge of the area, availability to meet you in person through the process, and has a network of professionals in their back pocket. Reach out to one of our agents with 316 Realty Group, we would love nothing more than to accompany you in the exciting journey of buying or selling a home!