If you are not a professional, selling a house in Texas without a realtor is a difficult task. Although it can be done and may be tempting, it can be a daunting process and the risks greatly outweigh the benefits.

There are endless reasons using a Realtor is highly beneficial to you and the sale of your home, but the top 3 reasons we will touch on now:

The Skill of Price Negotiation

If you choose to go FSBO (for sale by owner), that could mean less money in your pocket. A seasoned selling agent knows all of the tactics and signs of a nervous and undesirable buyer. They are skilled and experienced in these situations to keep their sellers from making poor decisions and being irrational, or driven by emotions.

If you go solo you may not be familiar with the conditions of the market. Realtors are aware of what terms are the most beneficial negotiating for and when to let the other party have the win. 

Anyone can agree that their main goal is to maximize profit when selling their home, and an experienced selling agent can ensure just that. 

An Eye for Flaws

Realtors know what sells. They can walk through your home and make you aware of any and every flaw or change you need to make to attract buyers and attain the best offers. They are the second set of eyes because you have been living in your home and you may not notice or view certain aspects as flaws.

From dingy baseboards to outdated sink fixtures, our realtors can guide you through making changes and repairs that will add value to your home and appeal greatly to buyers. Taking care of these little maintenance issues creates a much better experience for buyers, and it can increase internet traffic. Small issues throughout a home can turn off buyers! Don’t settle and compromise the sale of your home.

Knowledge of the Legalities

When it comes to a home sale, there is a great deal of legal paperwork involved, which means a great deal of room for error. A vital component is a seller’s disclosure. A seller must disclose any and every issue they have knowledge of that could hurt the property’s value, such as termite damage, mold, or a leaking roof, as well as details such as homeowners association fees and restrictions.

A Realtor knows the disclosure laws, and if you fail to disclose any hazards or defects, a buyer could potentially come back to you after moving in and finding the problem, and sue you. To say the least, anyone could agree it is imperative that the legal components of selling your home are approached and completed correctly, to avoid any negative consequences.

The Takeaway

Don’t do it alone! 

Having the expertise and knowledge of a Realtor is key in selling your home. After all, selling your home will probably end up being one of the biggest transactions of your life!

Agents have an arsenal full of negotiation skills and tactics to make the sale as profitable as possible. An agent has an eye for flaws and areas of improvement, to overall attract more buyers and increase the value of your home, and lastly, an agent knows best how to approach and complete every aspect of the legal process with flying colors, which could be extremely intimidating to tackle by yourself.

Yes, you could sell on your own, it is possible. But these are just 3 of the many reasons using an agent with 316 Realty Group can give you the upper hand and leave the selling process of your home in the most profitable position possible. Reach out to us today and allow us to exceed your expectations and get your home sold!