Can You Sell a House As-Is in Texas?

Are you wondering if you can sell your house “as-is” in Texas? Simply put, the answer is yes. Whether you have a fixer-upper or have recently inherited a family member's home, the goal is sometimes to avoid repairs, get a decent offer, and move on. 

In reality, selling a house "as is" usually means accepting a lower offer, and it still doesn’t prevent buyers from negotiating the price. Let's look into what "as is" means and a few other facets of this type of sale. 

What Does “As-Is” Mean?

“As-is” is a type of sale where it is clear that no improvements will be made to the property. The seller makes a choice not to accept any requests for repairs or provide any type of credit for fixes. 

When selling a home “as-is” the ultimate condition of the property, to the best of the seller’s knowledge, should be accounted for in its entirety. A sale of this type may indicate the functionality and lifespan may not be too favorable for a roof, or appliances for example. 

What Should Be Disclosed?

If you choose to sell your home “as-is” in Texas, you can’t necessarily sweep problems under the rug. You will still need to fill out a Seller’s Disclosure Notice prior to your home being listed by your Realtor. The form will walk you through documenting what you know about specific features in your home, conditions, and any problems that you as the seller are aware of. 

The Seller’s Disclosure Notice will also ask you to fill out information regarding roof and wall defects, termite damage, previous flooding, and the list goes on. No matter the route you take to sell your home, it is required that you make these disclosures to the best of your ability and knowledge.

What Homes are Usually Sold “As-Is”? 

It is highly likely that homes being sold “as-is” are the ones that are outdated, definitely not move-in-ready, or in sparkling condition. These sales are less attractive on the surface, but they are the type to attract investors searching for their next house to flip or buyers seeking a bargain because it may be in a great location or they see the potential it has to offer

People tend to sell their homes “as-is” when they don’t want to hassle with contractors, put money into repairs and upgrades, or just want to get something off of their hands that they inherited. You can see how someone else's “trash” really could be someone else’s “treasure” in this case!

Selling “As-Is” With Your Realtor’s Help

When you go approach selling your home “as-is,” you will want to make sure the real estate professional you choose doesn’t shy away from this type of listing. They will need to have a good network of investor connections and can go the extra mile on marketing because you will most likely have a smaller pool of buyers. 

Your Realtor may recommend you still make sure the house has a deep clean, decluttering, staging, fresh paint, and curb appeal. Although these efforts may seem minimal, they work in your favor in a big way and can provide you with more showings and a better return on investment.

Are You Ready?

You should now have some familiarity with some aspects of “as-is” home sales. Maybe you have a better understanding of if this is the best option for you. Whether you want to go this route and sell “as-is,” or if you’re ready to put in a little extra work to prepare your home to sell, our team at 316 Realty Group is ready to help. Reach out to us today and let us share with you our game plan!

How to Maximize Profit When Selling Your Home

Getting your home sold is stressful and tedious, and if we’re being honest, no one wants to be in that situation any longer than necessary. Fortunately, there are actions you can take to get into and out of the selling process swiftly and profitably at the closing table. 

The profits from your sale could be rolled into your new house, or fun another investment, so either way, it's worth making the effort to maximize profit! Keep reading to find out some ways you can maximize profit when selling your home!

Make Cost-Effective Improvements & Repairs

When it comes to the decision of where to put money into upgrades, keep in mind the kitchen and bathrooms are normally the most used rooms in the house. Dirty and outdated fixtures and colors are sure to turn away buyers and cause them to look elsewhere. Shopping for inexpensive but up-to-date fixtures and hardware will work in your favor and make your home stand out.

Keeping paint natural and consistent throughout the home is also another way to make your home more desirable and helps buyers envision their belongings in the space as well. 

Don’t forget that working on your curb appeal and some simple landscaping will go a long way, too!

Clean & Declutter

You want your home to be seen in its best light. Before showings begin, take the time to remove all clutter and unnecessary belongings from rooms, and organize to show off all the space your home has to offer. 

Pay attention to baseboards, vents, appliances, fans, and light futures, and give them a good cleaning to ensure they are free of dust and debris. 

Avoid Overpricing

This is where one of our professionals at 316 Realty Group will use their expertise. You may be biased because it's your home, but one of our agents will perform a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) to help them estimate the value of your home, taking into account similar homes in the area. 

You must avoid setting your initial asking price too high in hopes of trying to get more than it's worth. Even in a seller's market like today, selling your home higher above the fair market value can lead it to sit on the market for much longer. Even pricing slightly below market value can attract more attention, and multiple offers give you more negotiating power.

You can count on having your home priced correctly and competitively with one of our knowledgeable agents. 

Choose the Right Time

Usually, the months in Spring are deemed the greatest time to sell, but this does not guarantee that it will be the best time to sell in your market. Buyer demand is influenced by factors such as school timetables, vacation buyers, and the weather.

To get the maximum money when selling your home, most importantly sell when you have enough equity to pay off your current mortgage, the fees of selling, and the costs of moving. Otherwise, you'll have to pay for many of these expenses yourself.

Final Thoughts

Among all of the actions you can take to maximize profit when selling your home, the most important by far is having a knowledgeable real estate professional who you like and trust to be on your side. Their expertise is indispensable when it comes to pricing, negotiating, marketing, and beyond. Contact us today at 316 Realty Group so we can work together!