It may come as a surprise, but improving your home’s curb appeal doesn’t have to be a very costly expense. There are endless tips and tricks you can use to make your home appear more attractive and sell faster than the rest.

If you want your home to have a memorable first impression on buyers, continue reading for some practical ways you can make your home stand out! 

Paint or Stain the Front Door

Painting your front food can add some vibrancy to your home’s overall appearance, and can revive the look of the entry area. You can choose a bold color that is unique but still coordinates with the feeling of your home. 

Applying a fresh stain to your door can also work wonders. A new stain can give off a very rich and cozy feeling. You can even add new and updated door hardware to transform the look of your door even more!

Update Light Fixtures or Sconces

Once you have given the front door its attention, it is a very easy and effective investment to replace the light fixtures or sconces. Whether it’s day, evening, or night, new and updated light fixtures can change the feeling of your entryway exponentially.

Replace House Numbers

House numbers are something buyers will look for right away when they’re finding your home. New house numbers are an extremely simple and smart way to boost curb appeal. 

New and updated numbers will not go unnoticed, as they can improve the overall visual of the home and it also shows you pay attention to detail and really put some thought into your improvements. 

Keep Hedges and Trees Trimmed

Keeping overgrown hedges and trees trimmed up is a must if you want your home to appear tidy and inviting. Trimming hedges can be very easy for the average person, but if there are any invasive or unideal placement of large trees, you may want to hire a professional to take on the job.

If your yard is lacking trees, it is a great idea to plant some trees in methodical places for a more attractive and cozy feeling. Trees can also increase your property value, especially if on the mature side.

Give it a Good Pressure Wash

We have all seen a house with years of grunge and dirt caked on the pavement or siding, and it’s not a pretty sight! 

Whether you feel like taking this task on yourself, or if you hire a professional, giving the home’s exterior, driveway, walkways, and even fences a good pressure washing will do more for your curb appeal than you even realize! Buyers will notice and appreciate how bright and clean all of these areas look.

Create an Inviting Porch

Whether you have plastic lawn chairs or wood, you can create a cozy space on your porch that looks inviting to buyers.

Take advantage of the season you are in and buy appropriate chair pillows, and strategically place plants on the porch or steps. Add a lantern to take it up a notch, or any other tasteful touches that work in the space!

Get to Work!

Boosting your curb appeal doesn’t have to be a headache, nor does it have to break the bank! Sellers can actually enjoy this part of the process, as watching the outside of their homes transform right before their eyes! Of course, there are countless more ways to improve the curb appeal of your home that we didn’t get to list here, but that can be part 2 for another time!

When you work with one of our knowledgable Realtors at 316 Realty Group, you will benefit from their guidance as well during the preparation of your home to sell. Reach out to us today and let’s tackle this together!